Site Update History

A history of updates to this site.

27 Dec 20
Added Bretteville 2019 page. Thank you to Marc Savard.

9 Apr 17
Added Holten 2010 page. Thank you to Dolores and Ron Friesen.

9 Jul 07
Added a forward to the site.

5 Jul 07
Added new stylesheets and layout to the site. Modernized the layout of the site.

1 Jun 07
Updated the sites guestbook by installing a new anti-spam enabled guestbook.

23 May 05
Moved the site to it's own domain at

13 May 02
Added a very good story published in Esprit de Corp Magazine about the Battle For Kiska.

15 Dec 01
More updates to the layout have been made. Pages have been added for both Henri and Loren recently regarding their personal lives. Also added a photo from Brussels that was found of Loren. A page on the commemoration of Richard Peninsula was actually added some time ago.

29 Jul 00
More updates have been made to the layout of this site. The site has now been moved to a new host - the address remains the same as before.

15 Jul 00
More pages are presently being added to this site. A new page about a visit to Bretteville-sur-Laize was posted. (finally!) A new page with photos of Henri before his overseas service was also posted. I have also done some updates to the layout of the site. More updates will be happening very soon.

6 Jan 99
Added more maps and aerial photos to the Commemorative Names sections. Resources are now more comprehensive.

12 Nov 98
Moved page to more permanent URL.

11 Nov 98
Posted pages on the Commemorative Names Project. Still require maps and descriptions to be posted at a later date.

23 Aug 98
Posted the page on the Battle of the Twente Canal.

19 Aug 98
Added a new page on Holten Cemetery in May 1998.

25 Apr 98
Added a lot of content concerning Loren Nelson's wartime heritage. This update was long overdue, but it brings this section to be almost complete.

9 Jul 97
Added page and photos about captured weapons at Kiska.

1 Apr 97
This list added. Photos of Henri and Loren added. Stories about Holten, 1956 and Delden, Holland added. Page about Loren before the war added. (Loren Nelson, Son and Brother)