Canadian Heroes is dedicated to two unsung heroes. This site has been set up for web surfers, veterans, historians and relatives to see the exploits and accomplishments of two great Canadians who sacrificed so much, so that future generations may multiply the benefits over and over.

The elder sons of two separate families, these men went to Europe to fight for what was to be the greatest challenges of their young lives. Like many before them, they went off with courage in their hearts, and a strong belief that they were protecting their families and country by doing so.

Just like any hero, they rose up to a challenge, putting their own safety at risk so that their families and countrymen could live in peace and security. The greatest challenge that met Loren and Henri was life itself; Both of these young men did not return from the war.

Loren and Henri were older brothers of both my parents. Their loss affected both families profoundly, and still in ways we will never know. Their loss, and the loss of thousands of others like them, affected humankind in a similar fashion. One is dumbfounded when they think of what could have become of these men, and their offspring, if they hadn't perished on foreign battlefields.

Their story, like many others, needs to be told. This is their story...

Mark Nelson