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The Commemorative Names Project: Nelson Rapids

General LocationThe Commemorative Names Project has named a Manitoban geographical feature after Loren. The feature is named Nelson Rapids, located in the northwest corner of Manitoba. These rapids are in the extreme northern part of the Province, it's latitude is more northern than Churchill, Manitoba. There are also no roads in this part of the province.

Aerial PhotoMore specifically, Nelson Rapids is located on the North Seal River just west of Egenolf Lake. The closest town is the village of Tadoule Lake which is to the east downriver towards Hudson Bay.

Nelson Rapids is a very prominent feature. It forms a rapids in a narrow section of the North Seal River. In these narrows, the river is approximately 75 meters (3/4 of the length of a Canadian football field) wide and the entire rapids are nearly 700 meters (approx. 7 Canadian football fields) long.

A Fishing lodge is located on Egenolf Lake. For photos of the country around Nelson Rapids visit the Ganglers North Seal River Lodge site. A description, received from people who have fished at the foot of the rapids, describes Nelson Rapids as a spectacular site with boulders strewn across the mouth of the river.

Nelson RapidsPosition of Nelson Rapids: 59 03' 48" N - 100 08' 24" W


Map of Nelson Rapids Local Area


Geonames satellite image of Nelson Rapids

Aerial Photo of Nelson Rapids (Survey Photo)

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