It took a lot of hard hours of work and research to get this site together. Here are some of the people who helped.

Special thanks go out to:

Major Alan Woolley, CD of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment for his web site which sparked my interest in my uncle Loren's wartime history, and his help by sending me copies of regimental war diaries. He answered every one of my e-mail inquiries with enthusiastic and helpful replies.

Gord Crossley, of the Fort Garry Horse Museum for his information and help regarding the weapons captured at Kiska. Thanks for letting me look around your excellent museum.

My brother Roger Nelson for initially taking up the search for family geneological information, planting the seed for further research.

Chantal Allan for providing a beautiful testimony and photos describing her visit to her great-uncle Henri's gravesite at Bretteville-sur-Laize. Also thanks to Marcel Gauthier for submitting the info and his on-going dedication to his uncle Henri.

Alex and Marca van Haren, of Beneden Leeuwen, Netherlands for the photos of Loren's gravesite taken in May 1998.

Marcel Gauthier for providing the narratives on the Commemoration of Richard Peninsula. Also Richard Gauthier, Henri Richard and Michel Richard for going up to Kadeniuk Lake and building a cairn.

Roy and Tammy Nelson for submitting their photos of visits which took place in 2004.

Dolores and Ron Friesen for submitting their photos of visits which took place in 2010.