Private Loren Nelson

Brussels Photo
26 March 1945

Loren Nelson
The ravages of war show on a young man's face.

According to regimental records the Lincoln and Welland Regiment was located on the south side of the Rhine River near Best, Holland during the second half of March. It was a time of rest for the weary men.

It was during this time that that Loren sent a photo back from the war to his family in Sprague, Manitoba.

On the back of the photo is the date 26 March 1945 written in pen. There is also an ink stamp that reads "Photo 'Nice' - 144, Bd Adolphe Max - Bruxelles".

Through the address on the "ink stamp" it was easily discovered that this was taken at a photo shop on Boulevard Adolphe Max in downtown Brussels, Belgium. This location is next to The Plaza Hotel in Brussels.

The most surprising thing about this photo is how it shows a different Loren than the young man who originally left for war. There is a lesson to be had by comparing the photo on the right with the photo on the upper left of this page.

It is not known how long Loren was on leave for, who he went on leave with, and when he returned. All we know, at this time, is that he was in Brussels on 26 March 1945.