Private Henri Richard

The Commemorative Names Project

Local AreaThe Commemorative Names Project has named a Manitoban geographical feature after Henri. The feature is named Richard Peninsula, located approximately 60 km south of Lynn Lake in northern Manitoba. Richard Peninsula is a prominent point of land (approx 1.0 kilometer in length) jutting out into the northwest corner of Kadeniuk Lake.

Kadeniuk Lake is visible on the Province of Manitoba Road map. It is approximately 7 kilometers west of the CNR Rail line to Lynn Lake (running in a north-south direction). The closest station-stop on the rail line is Herriot.

Position of Richard Peninsula: 56 27' 26" N - 101 24' 06" W


Copy of the Certificate issued by the Province of Manitoba


Detailed Map of Kadeniuk Lake and Area

Larger Scale Map showing proximity to roads and other features. (Thanks to Michel Richard!)

Province of Manitoba Road map showing more detail of the proximity of this feature to roads, railway lines and the towns of Lynn Lake and Leaf Rapids.

Geonames satellite image of Richard Peninsula.


Aerial Photo of Richard Peninsula (Survey Photo)

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